War of Crypto Game Guide

War of Crypto is a player-vs-player (PvP) web based (and in the future, mobile version) multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable and tradeable heroes.

It is set in an epic fantasy world, which is facing a relentless and imminent doom from the Centrized.

You will be able to collect, customize and strengthen your very own, unique heroes. You will strategize and select the Heroes in your team that best fit your battling needs, and put them to test against another player's Heroes. For that, War of Crypto features an enticing and dynamic battle system, based on players' stamina and the Heroes skills.

The adventure runs on the blockchain technology. That means: your accomplishments in War of Crypto can be seamlessly used in other games, as well as turned into real world rewards and currency.

Check out War of Crypto's gameplay

Are You Ready for War?

War of Crypto is full of exciting features:

- Heroes will be stored on the blockchain so you gain true ownership of your Hero

- You will be able to store your Hero on ENJ Wallet

- You can trade your Hero to a friend or Sell to a player on our Marketplace (coming soon)

Early Access

Early Access sale announcement post: view here

Imagine starting to play War of Crypto with an exclusive Hero, that nobody else would have…

That's why entering our early access sale is the best way to kick start your War of Crypto playing experience: you get to be exclusive and get great rewards from it!

What is the Early Access sale all about?

Starting November 10th, War of Crypto will be launching a early access sale campaign with 13 brand new, stronger heroes with a total of 26 skins. These will be early access exclusive skins, never to be created again, and will be very rare and valuable.

How can this reap rewards for me?

War of Crypto is the first game of its kind to run in the blockchain technology, allowing gamers to exchange their in-game accomplishments for more gaming experiences, or even real life money.

By entering our early access campaign, gamers get special edition Heroes. Because these will be very rare, they will become more and more valuable over time, just like special editions of all sorts. It will be like striking gold early, as far as our community is concerned.

Through being an early contributor now, you can be rewarded big time in the near future. Also, you can use such rewards in War of Crypto's in-game marketplace, with other games in the Enjin cryptocurrency network, or trade them for real money with Enjin Wallet’s send feature. Just like an investment!

The special Heroes

What will the next special Heroes be?
Stay tuned to our social networks!

How does the Early Access sale work?

By contributing $25, early gamers get their own early access Crystal. This Crystal will have a chance of containing one of the 13 exclusive Heroes with 26 total skins. You can purchase as many crystals as you want. Their will be a total of 15,000 early access crystals up for sale. This will allow everyone to have a chance of experiencing true ownership of a Hero while maintaining the exclusiveness value of pre-sale Heroes.

How this impacts the game?

Funds raised through the Early Access will go towards developing mobile versions and marketing for War of Crypto, so we can put them in the gamers' hands much faster than expected. With this new sale, we also hope to grow the community and allow supporters to experience the technology we are bringing forth with Enjin’s wallet. Mass adoption is everyone’s goal here and we want early adopters to be the forefront in helping make history in gaming!

Summing up: early contributors will help build a great playing community, and can get real rewards for investing in it, through rare, delightful and amazing in-game Heroes, that have real world value!

This is a crypto version of a kickstarter campaign.

Fun to play, easy to pay

During War of Crypto’s pre-sale, you will have various methods of buying a pre-sale crystal. You will go through a simple checkout flow where you will see the current price of the pre-sale crystal, add it to your Cart where you can change the quantity of pre-sale crystals you want, and then go to the checkout page where you will have 4 payment methods: PayPal, Coinbase, Metamask, Enjin Coin.

pay by paypal

PayPal is used for all Fiat (USD, Euros, etc) transactions. With PayPal option, you can pay out of your paypal balance or just use a credit/debit card.

Step 1
Select PayPal payment method and click “Confrim and proceed to payment” button

Step 2
A second web page will open by PayPal asking you to login into your PayPal acocunt or just pay with a Credit/Debit card.

Step 3
Enter/select what you plan to pay with and press “Pay Now” button

Step 4
Once payment goes through and is received, you will be sent your pre-sale Crystal(s) and will show up in your Collection > Crates page.

pay by coinbase

Coinbase can be used to pay with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), or Litecoin (LTC). You do not need a Coinbase account to use Coinbase checkout option.

Step 1
Select Coinbase payment method, click “Confrim and proceed to payment” button

Step 2
A second Coinbase web page (prompt) will open asking you to select which currency you want to pay in

Step 3
You will then need to send the corresponding amount to the address displayed in the Coinbase prompt, as seen below. You can send your cryptocurrency from whatever compatible wallet/exchange to the address Coinbase provides, or you can scan the provided QR code. There will be a 15 minute countdown to receive the payment.

Step 4
Once the payment goes through and is received, you will be sent your pre-sale Crystal(s) through your War of Crypto account, and they will also show up in your Collection > Crates page.

pay by metamask

Metamask can be used to pay with Ethereum (ETH). You will need it installed as a web browser extension.

Step 1
Install Metamask. You can head to Metamask's website (https://metamask.io/) to download and install Metamask.

This video illustrates the process

Step 2
Send Ethereum (ETH) to your Metamask Wallet so you have funds to spend. If you already have ETH on a personal wallet, you can transfer ETH as needed to your Metamask wallet address

Where to buy Ethereum (ETH)?
You can purchase Ethereum (ETH) directly through Metamask or any other exchange. Coinbase is highly recommended if you are purchasing Ethereum (ETH) for the first time.

This video illustrates the process for sending ETH to Metamask

Step 3
Select Metamask payment method and click “Confirm and proceed to payment” button

Step 4
Metamask web browser extension will open up and ask you to confirm the transaction. Make sure you have enough gas to cover the transaction.

Step 5
Once the payment goes through and is received, you will be sent your pre-sale Crystal(s) through your War of Crypto account, and they will also show up in your Collection > Crates page.

pay by enjin coin

Enjin Coin (ENJ) payment method option can be used to pay with Enjin Coin (ENJ).

Step 1
Select Enjin Coin payment method and click “Confirm and proceed to payment” button

Step 2
A pop up will display showing you QR Code or Address. You will have to send Enjin Coin (ENJ) to that address from the Enjin wallet. Make sure you pay from the same address you choose your Heroes to be sent to.

The transaction only goes through when that address receives the EXACT amount of ENJ owed in one transaction.

Step 3
Do NOT close that pop up until the transaction is processed and received.

Step 4
Once payment goes through and is received, you will be sent your pre-sale Crystal(s) and will show up in your Collection > Crates page.

Collect your heroes

As you progress through the War, you will obtain more Heroes towards your collection. Heroes can be obtained from match rewards, bought through our shop in the form of Crystals, traded among players, and bought from our marketplace.

Not all are made the same

Heroes can be 1 of 6 rarities in War of Crypto: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary or Special

Common Uncommon Rare
Epic Legendary Special

Get strategic with heroes types

Along with rarities, Heroes will have a Type(s). The types characterize the Hero and allow it to have advantages/disadvantages against other Hero types when in the Battle arena. For example, a Sun type move will deal double damage to a Nature type Hero.

Air Frost Mech
Mystic Nature Ocean
Stone Sun Thunder Wither

Use types to your advantage

Some types of Heroes perform better against those belonging to specific types. The best way to really use the power of your roster of Heroes and outline a winning strategy is to understand how effective each type is against the others


In War of Crypto’s universe, it will be very unlikely for 2 heroes to be the same exact. There are two game mechanics that makes 2 Heroes different: Individual Values and Personalities.

Individual Values (IVs)

Each of the 5 stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, HP, Critical) has an Individual Value (IV) associated with it. A Individual Value is randomly generated between 1-28 uniquely for each stat. This Individual Value is then added on top of a Hero’s base stat and never changes. It is part of its Crypto DNA.

For example: a specific Hero’s base stats are 100 Attack, 100 Defense, 100 Speed, 100 HP and 100 Critical. Hero A can have total stats of 121 Attack, 107 Defense, 113 Speed, 127 HP and 103 Critical, once Individual Stats are applied. Hero B can have total stats of 112 Attack, 123 Defense, 109 Speed, 115 HP and 118 Critical, once Individual Stats are applied. These 2 Heroes are completely unique and one has slight advantage over the other in the Battle arena because of its Individual Values.


Upon creation, a Hero is given a personality trait. A personality trait has an effect on that hero’s stats by either increasing or decreasing one of the 5 stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, HP, Critical). A Hero’s personality never changes.

For example, a specific Hero’s base stats are 100 Attack, 100 Defense, 100 Speed, 100 HP, 100 Critical. Hero A can have Energetic personality in which it increase Speed stat by 10% and decreases Defense stat by 10% so the total stats become 100 Attack, 90 Defense, 110 Speed, 100 HP, 100 Critical. However, Hero B could have Protective personality in which it increases Defense stat by 7% so the total stats become 100 Attack, 107 Defense, 100 Speed, 100 HP, 100 Critical.

Growing and evolving Heroes

In War of Crypto there is always more to come. You can keep challenging yourself to build a better roster of heroes, and to discover new ones. By winning battles, you make your Heroes stronger, more skillful, and can evolve them into new ones.

This is how it works:

Growing levels with the "Crypto Dust"

Through winning battles you get and accumulate, as a reward, "Crypto Dust". Think of it as a strengthening essence that you can use to make your Heroes get increasingly stronger.

You then choose the Heroes you want to apply the dust to.

As you add the Crypto Dust, the Hero's "level bar" fills up, and, when the max is reached… LEVEL UP! Your Hero reaches a new level and gets a boost to their skills and battling capabilities.

It goes without saying: the stronger your Hero is, the more valuable it gets and the more possibilities it creates for you within the game's Marketplace.

Tiers and evolving Heroes

So you are winning battles, using the Crypto Dust, and your Heroes are getting tougher and stronger… what happens afterwards? At each level up, the Hero gets closer to transitioning tiers and being able to evolve.

Goes like this: each hero will have at most 3 tiers to level up through. As you make them go up levels they approach the top level for that tier. Once they reach it, they will be ready to evolve. Time to get a game item called "Evolution Stone". Then the equation is complete:

Max tier level + Evolution Stone = Hero evolves and reaches a new tier

When the Hero goes to a new tier (hence, evolves) they will get a great boost in their skills and an enticing new appearance!


If you want a new twist to the experience, War of Crypto's marketplace comes to the rescue. You can speed you the evolution and discover new facets of your favourite Heroes by using your accrued currency at the in-game's marketplace.


War of Crypto allows you to build a collection of Heroes, and put them to the test in exciting Player versus Player battles (PvP battles). You can have a roster of up to 5 Heroes for a live showdown against another War of Crypto player.

WoC's battle system is intelligent: you are automatically paired to fight against another player with similar skill level. This way you are kept engaged and challenged, while assuring a great gaming experience.

And the battles are not the old and slow, turn based ones. There is a twist: your Hero's moves will require stamina to execute. So you have to be strategic and plan your battle right. The ultimate goal is to faint all your opponent's Heroes.


This is your information Hub. You will be able to see your Battle squad Heroes, your Active Hero’s health, and your heroes level and type.


This is your opponent’s information Hub. You will be able to see their Battle squad Heroes that have been used in current battle, their Active Hero’s health, and their heroes level and type.


This is your Move Bar where the moves of your active Hero will be displayed. You click on whichever move you want to use once you have enough Stamina.


This is your Stamina Bar. It is always regenerating at a consistent rate. Moves require stamina to be used. When a move is used, stamina will be consumed from your stamina bar


This is the Battle Log. Here it will show which actions are taking place by both you and your opponent in the battle.


With War of Crypto's marketplace you can build your perfect roster! Sell the Heroes that don't fit into your battle strategy and use the proceeds to buy that Hero you want in your team.

Players can take advantage of the in-game marketplace to buy and sell Heroes from one another. Sellers list their Heroes and price them as they wish. Buyers can search through the marketplace for Heroes and buy those they are looking for.

When a purchase happens, the new Hero will automatically show in the buyer's Collection, ready to use!

You can really get strategic and plan your perfect team with all your favorite Heroes. Need to power up some specific type your lack? Maybe searching for a rare Hero whose skills you want to see? Collecting Heroes of a specific type? Whatever your goal, War of Crypto's marketplace allows you to set and fulfill new challenges!